About Our Bundles

  • Can I pick what's inside a bundle?

    By filling out the specific profile questionnaire, we have ability to customize your bundle to your exact specifications and preferences. So essentially, you are getting items you will love. However, it is also still yet a surprise. This is the fun part of doing a subscription box. We also have a...
  • What are the different types of bundles?

    There are 2 tiers of bundles; A) The Primary Birdie Bundle - The Primary Birdie Bundle consists of an assortment of the everyday necessities like tees, balls, gloves, hats, and at least one nice apparel item. B) The Premium Birdie Bundle - The Premium Birdie Bundle contains some of those same ...
  • What is a bundle?

    A bundle is just another name for a box that will contain all your specialty golf items. We use the answers from your profile questionnaire to hand-select specific, exclusive items that we know you’ll love and use.
  • What is the value of a bundle?

    The contents of the bundle you receive will equate to double the purchase price. Example: If you purchase a premium bundle (99.95), the contents will equal to (200.00 MSRP).
  • When do I get charged for a bundle?

    We will draft accounts twice a month and ship bundles twice a month. Depending on what time of the month you sign up for Birdie Bundle, you will be placed in one of those 2 groups.
  • Will I ever get the same bundle twice?

    We always keep track of what we send you. Your bundles will never be identically duplicated.